Vanilla Blueberry Facials - Exfoliates and hydrates your pet's face. Removes tear and mouth stains. $10.00

Bubble Baths & Massage - A soak and body massage in the tub, with bubbles and natural oils to soothe the skin. $25.00

Paw Massage & Pedicure - A massage with Paw Massage Oil (lavendar, rosemary, & sage) to replenish the paw pads, and a coat of Color Paw Pet Nail Polish (color of your choice!). $15.00

*New!* Paw Sanitizing Soak - White tea tree oil paw fizz soak helps to fight and eliminate fungus, bacteria, and germs. Replenishes the moisture in the pads. $10.00

Cranberry & Oatmeal Wrap - Our cranberry oatmeal wrap is packed on any problem areas. Your pet is then wrapped in warm towels and massaged for 5 minutes prior to their bath. Perfect for dry, oily, or reddened skin irritations. $25.00

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Scrub - An exfoliating treatment calms your pet, helps to cure skin disorders, (dryness, redness, hot spots) and alleviates muscle tension in the body. $25.00

Honey & Vanilla Sugar Scrub - A full body massage that aids in removing dead skin cells and dirt within the hair follicles, leaving skin and coat refreshed and supple. Perfect for all skin types. $25.00

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